Haworthia/Aloe/ Gasteria


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These three families are all native to African and Middle Eastern desert environments. Haworthia, aloes and gasterias are all hardy succulents and make easy care houseplants. These families are so closely related they are able to cross breed to form happy healthy hybrids. 
Best bits:
  • Perfect for the busy person these plants are happy to fend for itself if left on their own for prolonged periods, a very drought tolerant species. 
  • Aloe vera is known for it's medicinal benefits - if you get a burn around the house snap one of its leaves off, squeeze, and rub the gel onto the burn site for instant soothing.  

Plant care: Think desert

  • LIGHT - thrives best in bright direct sunlight but can tolerate bright indirect light
  • WATER - in full sun water once every 2-3 weeks when the soil is completely dry. 


  • Pet friendly