Carnivorous Plant Mix

Air Purifying Likes Humidity Pet / Child Friendly Shade Tolerant


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Plant Care

Carnivorous plant mix


Feeling wet wet wet! When thinking about conditions these guys love a good bog! 


Bright light

We all love the sun! Pop us in a bright spot with lots of natural light. One of the few plants that loves bright full direct sunlight. I would love a conservatory, south-facing windowsill or greenhouse environment. 


Feeling wet wet wet

Sit me in a tray of 1-2cm rainwater. Add rainwater to the tray rather than on the top of my leaves. If you don't have access to rainwater leave tap water overnight so that the chlorine can evaporate. 


Care Tips

Please don't fertilise us we don't like it. 

Don't feed us things that we wouldn't eat e.g. fingers. Putting your fingers in a venus fly trap causes it to close which is fun, however this uses up all the plants energy and if there is no food reward it will damage the plant in the longterm maybe causing it to eventually die.