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  • Plant - Heart Leaf Fern
  • Plant - Heart Leaf Fern
  • Plant - Heart Leaf Fern

Heart Leaf Fern

Air Purifying Likes Humidity Pet / Child Friendly Shade Tolerant


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Plant Care

Botanical name -  Hemionitis arifolia

Origin - Southeast Asia


Tolerant of most light conditions

Like most ferns I am happier in lower light levels, but not complete darkness. An east or North facing window is perfect. In the wild I'm an epiphytic plant living on the trunk of trees thriving in the dappled shade of their canopy. Although I can tolerate brighter environments please be careful in direct sun as my fragile fronds dry out and scorch very easily. 


Regular watering

I thrive on humidity and like my soil to be kept lightly moist but not soggy. Allow my top layer of soil to slightly dry out between waterings. When watering please water me from the bottom or the edge of the plant as I don't like water settling in the middle of my leaves. Please mist me regularly to prevent crispy brown edges of my leaves. 


Care Tips

You can trim back any of my fronds which are browning and also prune to give additional ai flow in the plant. This can deter the growth of fungal infections. 

My leaves may turn yellow if exposed to temperatures lower than 10 degrees or if I am in too bright light.