Prickly Pear Cactus


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Opuntia species are a large family of desert cacti native to the Americas. All like lots of light, low humidity and little water. This plant although may not look it is relatively harmless just be careful of it's spines which can dislodge in your skin. In an unfortunate event remove any spines with a clean pair of tweezers. 
Best bits:
  • If your plant is happy in the right conditions it will produce flowers in summer which can be yellow or orangey-brown in colour. 

Plant care:

  • LIGHT - likes bright sunlight but can tolerate lower light
  • WATER - Mist the cactus sparingly once every 2 weeks allowing the soil to dry completely between waterings. Cacti don't like to have wet feet as it can cause root rot


  • Non-toxic to cats and dogs but watch out for the spines!