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The New Bristol Twig HQ

Sarah Cheetham

Posted on February 27 2021

The New Bristol Twig HQ

Yep, that's right, it's happened I have a new shop, my first shop, and it's nuts! Ahhhh! I have to pinch myself regularly to double check I'm not dreaming! But I always remember that none of this would have been possible without the support of my family, friends and the amazing Bristol community.

I recently answered a few questions for an article in Bristol 24/7 Independent Journalism Magazine and thought it would be nice to share these with you. It gives you an insight into the opening of the new Twig shop and how things have come about while living in Bristol. 


Who are you?

I am Sarah, age 33, currently living with my partner Alex and many plants in a flat in Bedminster. As most people will tell you I absolutely love hugs, whether they're from plants or people. Once I put my mind to something, I jump in with two feet with determination, stubbornness and a dash of perfectionism haha! What could go wrong!


In a sentence, what is Twig Plants?

Twig paves the way for you to create your own indoor jungle, your breath of fresh air.

When did you start Twig?

Twig launched on 10th March 2019, I can't believe that it's nearly two years old already!

After 8 years working in conservation living in jungles and rainforests of the world for years at a time, I quickly realised the importance of plants in my life. The role they play and the physical and mental benefits they've had on me when I moved back to the UK and into an urban flat. Simply, I wanted to share this benefit and my knowledge, encouraging people to create their own green 'happy place'.

How long did it take to go from starting the business to opening the new shop?

It has taken just under two years to get to this point. Lots of learning curves, some steeper than others that's for sure! It's true when people say owning a business is a rollercoaster.

The first year of business I was travelling up and down the country taking part in amazing independent markets from London to Liverpool.  Building my brand and taking in as much customer feedback as I could, learning and developing as I went. With the support of other small business owners and a great community surrounding Twig, it's been possible to open my own shop. I still have to pinch myself to check it’s all real! 



How did opening the shop come about?

From moving to Bristol in January 2020 I managed to rent a small space in the Tobacco Factory Makers Market. This introduced me to Southville and I loved being part of this vibrant friendly supportive community. Then in March Coronavirus hit, throwing a heap of spanners in the works. Luckily I was able to quickly switch to the online side of my business, focusing on Bristol deliveries and UK postal orders. The support from customers and family with my own determination pushed me through 2020. In December the Tobacco factory Makers Market decided to stop and I thought why not jump into the unknown and open my own shop. And here I am! 

What's it like to open a shop in the middle of a lockdown?

Not going to lie, pretty scary to be honest. But to do this you have to back yourself. I have every faith things will bounce back and I'm lucky that house plants are something people are really craving since being in their homes so much for the last year.

What's your hopes for Twig in 2021 and beyond?

My focus this year is predominately on the shop. Creating a lovely and welcoming place for people to visit and enjoy the plant experience. I love the customer interaction and sharing my knowledge so I want people to feel comfortable coming in and asking me anything they're concerned about or if they're just after a bit of advice.

As for new fun additions to the business this year I hope to do some workshops in the new space either repotting and plant care or crafty pot making sessions. 

I'm forever striving for a sustainable lifestyle business, balancing my life outside of Twig with the workload of owning a business is tricky. This is something I'm constantly working towards and I'm sure most business owners will say the same.

Is there anything else you'd like to add?

Having only moved to Bristol a year ago, and that year being a national lockdown, I can't get over how welcoming and amazing people have been here. It truly feels like home. I couldn't have got where I am today without the incredible support of customers and now friends I've met here. I want to say a HUGE thank you to everyone that has supported me up to this point and a BIG HELLO to everyone who's new to Twig. Can't wait to see and meet you all when the shop opens. 

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