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The Twig Story

For the past eight years I have worked in conservation living in a variety of environments; from the jungles of Cambodia and Costa Rica to the rainforests of Congo and Papua New Guinea. I realised the close connection people have to the land, nature and each other. As more and more people live in urban environments we are losing this inherent connection. This realisation triggered something in me.

I looked at the constants in my life and my 'happy places'. After a tough day whether emotional or physical I found myself gravitating to nature - be it outside with the trees or inside with my ever growing plant collection. It was my calm space, my 'me time'. Tending and looking after my plants, watching them grow and adapt to their environment, all my worries and concerns seem to disappear. 

Sarah Cheetham, Twig founder, paiting a blue gorilla in the Congo

I've always been creative. I love to paint and get my hands dirty at every opportunity. I love a good challenge, trying new things and pushing myself out of my comfort zone. So I had a thought...

How could I combine my creativity, my love of design and nature with my conservation knowledge? I thought about the ever increasing amount of people flocking to the cities and away from nature. So I decided to be bring the nature back to them!

Plants create calm, introduce wilderness and improve wellbeing. We want them to look good and to fit in with our surroundings. Taking this idea I wanted to create beautiful, timeless designs with luscious green life reviving plants.

This is how Twig was planted.


Sarah Cheetham

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