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The Bobbiny Story

Sarah Cheetham

Posted on March 18 2020

The Bobbiny Story


Why not make plant pots out of a soft recycled cotton yarn? Well after a lot of experimentation and persistence to find the right material, size and type I did it! 


After starting Twig making concrete pots it was time for a switch, to align my values and look for a more environmentally sustainable material. Around 6 months ago I came across Bobbiny, with their values, quality material and colour palette they were pretty great, the perfect fit for Twig. 

This independent company, founded in May 2014 by husband and wife dream team Aleksandra and Tomasz in Warsaw, Poland. They produce a huge range of high quality cord but with hardly any environmental impact. All the cords are made from fully recycled cotton with no chemical dyes or water used in the process. Amazing hey! I use this recycled cotton yarn to produce my Twig pots in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours to wrap around your favourite green friends.


I wanted to share with you the Bobbiny values as displayed on their website alongside photos from their factory to give you an idea how the cord is produced - it's very impressive. We definitely need more companies like Bobbiny in the world. For more information take a look on their website.


Responsibly. We are eco-friendly! We make our cords out of recycled cotton thread.

Locally. We import the thread from a European producer and make our cool cords form it in a small factory in Poland. We pass our production waste to local zero-waste initiatives.

Globally. The recycled cotton from which the thread is made is imported from all around the world. Thanks to you it reaches those far away corners of the world in a new form of colourful craft cords which you then transform into beautiful creative projects.

Cotton. The recycled textile used to make the thread comes from both landfill and production waste.

Thinking about the planet. No water or toxic chemicals are used in the process of production, we also save the energy and reduce the COemissions.

No dyes. We spent a lot of time designing our new trend-based collections for you. The thread is always made to our special order.

And how is the thread in so many colours made without any usage of dyes?

The textiles are primarily cut into smaller pieces are then shredded until a sort of dust is produced. At this stage the colour is created – the shredded cotton in various colours is mixed in specific proportions in order to produce the desired shade. The fibres are then spun into thread which is later delivered to us.



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