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  • Plant - Anthurium 'Princess'
  • Plant - Anthurium 'Princess'
  • Plant - Anthurium 'Princess'
  • Plant - Anthurium 'Princess'

Anthurium 'Princess'

Air Purifying Bright Light Easy Care


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Plant Care

Botanical name - anthurium 'princess' amelia elegance

Origin - Rainforests of South America and the Caribbean


Bright Indirect Light

I like to be in a bright spot away from the sun's direct harsh rays. I need a lot of bright light to thrive so please don't put me in a shady spot. 

Regular Watering

Allow the top third of my soil to dry out between waterings - why not poke your finger in to check. Water me until you see it coming out of the bottom of my pot but don't leave me sitting in a puddle. 

High Humidity

Keep my leaves moist and I'll be happy. Pop me in a bright bathroom or kitchen and spritz me regularly. Grouping plants together so I can be near my friends will also increase humidity. Why not give me a shower once in a while to wash the leaves and give me a good drink.  

Care Tips

To encourage me to flower you can feed me with diluted fertiliser once in spring and once again in summer. Be careful not too give me too much please. 

Fun facts

The coloured part of me isn't actually a flower (even though we call it that) it's a spathe. Which is a coloured leaf that I use to attract insect to pollinate me. The flower part is tiny in the middle of this coloured leaf.