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  • Plant - Swiss Cheese Plant
  • Plant - Swiss Cheese Plant
  • Plant - Swiss Cheese Plant
  • Plant - Swiss Cheese Plant

Swiss Cheese Plant

Easy Care Likes Humidity


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Plant Care

Botanical name - monstera deliciosa

Origin - Central and South American rainforests


Medium Light 

I'm a chilled and easy going houseplant, happy in most positions from light shade to bright indirect light. Although I grow faster and stronger in brighter light. Avoid harsh midday sun as they can scorch my leaves. 

Regular Watering

Water me when the top two inches of soil are dry - just poke your finger in to check. Water me until you see it coming out of the bottom of my pot but don't leave me sitting in a puddle. 

Remember to wipe down my leaves with a damp clean cloth to prevent dust build up to help me breathe. 

I Like Humidity

Think rainforest! Keep my leaves moist and I'll be happy. Pop me in a bright bathroom or kitchen and spritz me twice a week. 

Fun facts

The holes in my leaves are there to let the light through all the way to the bottom leaves.