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  • Plant - Aporocactus 'Melanie'
  • Plant - Aporocactus 'Melanie'
  • Plant - Aporocactus 'Melanie'
  • Plant - Aporocactus 'Melanie'
  • Plant - Aporocactus 'Melanie'

Aporocactus 'Melanie'

Bright Light Easy Care Trailing


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Plant Care

Botanical name - Aporocactus 'Melanie'

Origin - Southern Mexico and parts of Central America


Bright Light 

I like a sunny spot please to grow big and strong. Why not hang me on a curtain rail in a window or pop me on a sunny windowsill. 


Light watering

I love droughts and drenches. Please let the top inches of soil dry out before watering me. Water thoroughly until it runs out the bottom of the pot but don't leave me sitting in a puddle. Reduce watering in the wintertime when I am in my dormant phase. Overwatering is my biggest killer. 


Care Tips

If repotting please use a cactus soil mix to prevent water-logging occurring around my roots. You can also add perlite or grit to the mix.

I rarely need fertiliser, if using a cactus fertiliser be sure to dilute it to half strength, and only in the growing months (April to September, no more than once a month).


Facts about me

My stems can grow up to 5 foot in length. I'm an epiphytic plant so don't need a lot of soil to grow big and strong. 

I produce large red / pink flowers when mature and happy.