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  • Plant - Arrow Head Plant

Arrow Head Plant

Bright Light Easy Care Likes Humidity

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Plant Care

Botanical name - Syngonium podophyllum

Origin - Tropical America

Bright indirect Light

I would be happy in a bright spot away from harsh midday sun which can cause my colours to fade. But be careful not to put me in too dark a spot as it will promote mould growth and rot. 


Regular Watering

Keep my soil moist, but not soggy. Check me regularly and let the top two inches of soil dry out in between waterings. Don't leave me standing in a puddle as my roots are prone to rot. 

High Humidity

I love a humid environments so steamy bathrooms or kitchens are great. You can also pop me near other plants which creates more moisture in the air and regularly mist me. 

Care Tips

If my leaves are brown and crispy at the edges it normally means the humidity is low or I am being under-watered. Be careful not to place me near a radiator in winter time. Why not mist me more regularly, and check you're watering schedule if there's been hot weather.