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  • Plant - Begonia Beleaf varied

Begonia 'Magic' varied

Air Purifying


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Plant Care


Botanical name - begonia 'magic'

Origin - South Africa


Bright indirect light

Put me in a bright room to maintain my gorgeous leaf colouration. However not in direct sunlight as I tend to scorch easily.  


Regular watering

Allow the top two inches of my soil to dry out between waterings as I'm prone to root rot. When watering do it thoroughly but please don't leave me sitting in a puddle of water. Maybe try the bottom-up approach by putting me in a sink for an hour to soak up what I need then put me back in my spot.  


Care tips

Be careful not to place me near cold drafts or radiators as I thrive in a stable warm environment. Avoid misting if in a darker spot as this increases the risk of mould and rot developing.