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  • Plant - Chinese Evergreen
  • Plant - Chinese Evergreen
  • Plant - Chinese Evergreen
  • Plant - Chinese Evergreen

Chinese Evergreen

Air Purifying Easy Care Shade Tolerant


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Plant Care

Botanical name - Aglaonema Tigres

Origin - Eastern Asia


Bright indirect light

I grow best in medium to bright indirect light. However I can tolerate darker settings in the house but I may become thinner, a little leggy and lose my variegated pattern. Try and keep me away from harsh intense midday sunlight as it can easily scorch my leaves. 


Infrequent watering


Allow the top two inches of soil to dry in between waterings. Be sure to reduce and change your watering schedule in winter when I'll be taking in less water and producing less growth. If i'm in a bright spot I will need more water than in a darker place in your home. If I'm under watered my leaves might turn crispy at the edges. If I'm being over watered then my lower leaves might turn yellow and limp, there might be mould on the soil and my stems may go mushy and start collapsing. 


Care tips


Household humidity is normally adequate for me to be happy. However keep an eye on my leaf edges and if they start drying out then it's a good indicator to mist me if possible. 

Try to keep me away from cold drafts and heaters in winter where possible. 

When watering try to avoid using very cold water as I am very sensitive to temperature change and can get a nasty shock. A bit like you jumping into a cold shower!