• Plant - Croton Petra
  • Plant - Croton Petra
  • Plant - Croton Petra

Codiaeum 'Excellent'

Air Purifying Bright Light

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Plant Care

Botanical name - Codiaeum variegatum ‘Excellent'

Origin - Australia, Malaysia and the Pacific Islands.


Bright Indirect Light

I’m a sucker for bright sunny spots. Ideally I'd like 4-5 hours of sunlight to maintain my crazy colours but be careful not to burn me in harsh direct sunlight. How about popping me on an east or west facing window sill away from drafts, I'll love it there! 

Regular Watering

As I’m from the tropics I do love humidity and lots of moisture. Water me when the top inch of soil is dry and mist regularly. I can be susceptible to over-watering so be careful not to leave me standing with my feet wet!

Care Tips

Try not to move me around too much. A lot of moving I may start to go into shock and drop my leaves. When I get over the initial move I will settle in nicely and perk right up.