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Bright Light Easy Care


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Note: Plants only available for collection in Bristol

Plant Care

Botanical name - Dracaena Palm

Origin - Central America


Bright Light

Provide me with a few hours of morning or evening sun and I will love you forever. Try and keep me away from the harsh midday heat to prevent sun scorch. If you can't read a newspaper where I am then it's too dark for me. No north facing rooms please as in winter I won't get enough light.


Infrequent watering

Please let at least half my soil to dry out between waterings. Poke your finger in the soil every week or so to check. If it's very dry then its time for a drink. Water me thoroughly until the water comes out from the bottom of the pot but please don't leave me to sit in a puddle. During the colder winter months reduce watering to minimal as I will be going into my dormant phase. 

Mist me or pop me near other plants to keep humidity high. This will prevent the edges of my leaves from browning. 


Care Tips

I am a slow grower but if I've got a lot of new growth and wand to see me get bigger then consider repotting me every couple of years.