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  • Euphorbia 'Ghost'
  • Euphorbia 'Ghost'
  • Euphorbia 'Ghost'

Euphorbia 'Ghost'

Bright Light Easy Care


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Plant Care

Botanical name - Euphorbia Ingens Variagata

Origin - Dry areas of South Africa 


Looking for a rare beauty - then I'm you're guy!  With my pale green variegation against other darker green plants I will make a striking statement. Or pop me on a table on my own as a one of a kind showstopper! 


Bright Sunlight

I'm a sucker for the sun so the brighter the better. It builds me up and makes me strong. If you have a empty sunny window ledge or coffee table I'm your guy. 


Light Watering

Think dry desert climates! These euphorbias thrive in dry drought ridden climates, however this doesn't mean we can survive without any water at all. It's more like a drench and drought kind of care that we love.

Let me dry out completely so that when you lift me up I'm nice and light with no moisture in the soil at all. Leave me dry for at least a week in the spring summer season. Then it's time to water me and a lot of it too please. Why not pop me in a sink for an hour or two to let me soak up what I need then put my back in my normal place. Whatever you do don't leave me in water for days at a time as I will go mushy and rot. 


Care Tips

Overwatering is my biggest killer so remember if my soil's not looking dry or I'm heavier than normal to pick up don't give me any water. If you see mould on my soil the spot I'm in is too dark and I would like to see more sun. 

If you cut me or I break please watch out for my white sap, it's highly toxic and a strong irritant. 


Fun Facts

Although you may think I'm a cactus I'm in fact not. I am part of the succulent family but as I can grow tiny leaves I am not in the cacti family. When I grow I can produce arms and branches and eventually reach up to 10 feet tall. This will take a long time (up to 10-15 years if in a sunny spot) so don't worry about it hitting the roof anytime soon.