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  • Ficus Tineke
  • Ficus Tineke
  • Ficus Tineke

Ficus Tineke

Bright Light Easy Care


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Plant Care

Botanical name - ficus tineke


Bright indirect Light

A bright spot is critical to my growth and quality of life. If I'm in too dark a room then I'm prone to rot and overwatering. Low light will mean the colour variations on my leaves will disappear too. But in summer also don't let me sit in harsh direct sun which can scorch my leaves. A prefect place would be near a window with a couple of hours of morning or afternoon light. 


Infrequent Watering

Think less is more with most of us rubber plants. I prefer to be on the drier side than soaked. Be sure to leave my soil to dry out between waterings. Just poke your finger in to check the moisture levels. When dry water thoroughly until you see it come out the bottom of the pot but don't leave me sitting in a puddle as this can cause root rot. Reduce watering even more in winter months during my dormancy period to avoid my roots rotting. Thanks! 

Care Tips

Average house humidity is normally great for me. But if you know your house is on the drier side the occasional misting won't hurt. 

I would appreciate a wipe over of my leaves with a clean damp cloth to prevent dust build up. 

I love a little diluted houseplant feed during my growing season once a month.