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  • Fishbone Cactus
  • Fishbone Cactus
  • Fishbone Cactus
  • Fishbone Cactus

Fishbone Cactus

Easy Care Likes Humidity Pet / Child Friendly Trailing


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Note: Plants only available for collection in Bristol

Plant Care

Botanical name - Epiphyllum Anguliger

Origin - South American Rainforests


Medium Light - shade tolerant

I like to see early morning or late afternoon sun, but be careful not to put me a strong direct sunlight as I can burn easily. I would be happy in a north or west facing window.


Light watering

Even though I'm called a cactus I am not drought resistant, remember I originate from a rainforest. Let the top inches of soil dry out before watering me again. Water until it runs out the bottom of the pot but don't leave me sitting in a puddle. Reduce watering in the wintertime when I am in my dormant phase. 


Care Tips

If repotting please use a well draining soil mix to prevent water-logging occurring around my roots. I rarely need fertiliser, if using a cactus fertiliser be sure to dilute it to half strength, and only in the growing months (April to September, no more than once a month).