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  • Lepisium Bolivianum
  • Plant - Lepisium Bolivianum
  • Lepisium Bolivianum
  • Lepisium Bolivianum
  • Lepisium Bolivianum

Lepisium Bolivianum

Bright Light Easy Care Likes Humidity Trailing


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Plant Care

I'm a rainforest cactus so unlike my desert cousins prefer a little more water and humidity and bright indirect light rather than the intense direct sun. So try and avoid south facing windows and harsh midday sun as much as you can. 


Botanical name - Lepisium bolivianum

Origin - Tropical lowland forests of Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay 


Medium Light - shade tolerant

I like a bright sunny spot but ideally indirect light so pop me at least half a meter from a window and I'll do great. Morning or afternoon sun is good, but unlike the desert cactus be careful not to put me a strong midday sunlight or too close to the glass as I can burn easily.


Light watering

Even though I'm a cactus I am not drought resistant, remember I originate from the tropics. Let the top inches of soil dry out before watering me again. Water me thoroughly until it runs out the bottom of the pot but don't leave me sitting in a puddle. Reduce watering in the wintertime when I am in my dormant phase. 


Care Tips

If repotting please use a well draining soil mix to prevent water-logging occurring around my roots. I rarely need fertiliser, if using a cactus fertiliser be sure to dilute it to half strength, and only in the growing months (April to September, no more than once a month).