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  • Aeschynathus Rasta
  • Aeschynathus Rasta
  • Plant - Lipstick Plant
  • Plant - Lipstick Plant
  • Aeschynathus Rasta
  • Plant - Lipstick Plant

Aeschynathus Rasta

Easy Care Likes Humidity Trailing

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Plant Care

These beautify curly leaved hanging plants are great in a bright spot with high humidity. It's also known as a 'lipstick plant' which comes from the bright red flowers that it produces in the spring and summer months.


Botanical name - aeschynathus rasta

Origin - Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea


Bright Indirect Light

I like to be in a bright spot away from the sun's direct harsh rays. Try popping me a few feet back from a east or west facing window.  Don't put me in the shade as I'm not very happy there. 

Regular Watering

Allow the top two inches of my soil to dry out between waterings - why not poke your finger in to check. I like my soil evenly moist and I don't tolerate large periods of drought very week. Ideally water me from the bottom up method to prevent my curly leaves from rotting. 

High Humidity

High humidity is key. Keep my leaves moist and I'll be happy. Pop me in a bright bathroom or kitchen and spritz me regularly. Grouping plants together so I can be near my friends will also increase humidity. 

Care Tips

During the growing months in spring and summer feel free to give me regular plant food. This will replenish soil nutrients, encourage strong growth and may lead to those iconic flowers.