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  • Madagascar Palm
  • Madagascar Palm
  • Madagascar Palm
  • Madagascar Palm

Madagascar Palm

Bright Light Easy Care


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Plant Care

This unusual looking fella is a madagascan palm. With long spindly leaves and a spikey succulent stem he's a great easy care plant who makes a big statement. 

The most common mistakes are overwatering or giving this plant too little light. So once sorted those you're good to go! 


Botanical name - Pachypodium Lamerei

Origin - Madagascar

Bright Light

I'm a sun lover so find me a bright spot in your home. I would love at least 2-3 hours of morning or afternoon direct light per day. Once you've bought me I need to build up to longer sun hours so initially be careful of sun scorch in the middle of the day. Please don't put me in too shady a spot as I won't live long. 


Infrequent watering

Think drenches and droughts. Give me a good water followed by a dry spell letting my soil dry between waterings. Don't leave me sitting in water for long periods of time otherwise I can root. 

Although a succulent water me liberally in summer as these are my prime growing months. In winter when light levels are lower I will become dormant and so water sparingly maybe only once or twice a month. 


Care Tips


Feed only a few times a year maximum and only in the active summer growing months. Only use feed that is specially for 'succulents' or 'houseplants'. 

As I'm a slow grower I won't need to be repotted every year. Only repot if you think I'm becoming top heavy or have no space in my current grow pot. Use a succulent or cacti labelled compost mix as this will ensure there is enough drainage to prevent root rot. 


Fun facts

Pachypodium means 'thick foot' which is given to this plant due to it's thick moisture storing trunk. As it grows this trunk grows thicker and taller. The leaves slowly fall off and regrow out the crown of the plant.