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  • Plant - Pachira Aquatica
  • Plant - Pachira Aquatica

Pachira Aquatica

Air Purifying Easy Care Pet / Child Friendly


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Plant Care

Botanical name - Pachira Aquatica 

Origin - Tropical regions of Central America

I'm super study and very hardy plant. Most of my water I store in my trunk so need very little maintenance. 


Bright Indirect Light

I thrive in areas of bright indirect light. But please keep me away from harsh direct sunlight as this will scorch my leaves. If you put me in a darker spot I will be more prone to root rot and overwatering problems. Although I will tolerate it change your watering habits accordingly. 


Regular Watering

Allow the top third of the soil to dry out between waterings. Why not pop your finger in to check the moisture level. If you've put me in a darker spot allow half of my soil to dry out between waterings to prevent root rot occurring. In the summer be sure to give me a full long drink so that water reaches my roots and comes out the bottom of the pot. Then wait for the top layer of soil to dry again before re-watering. 


Care Tips


When repotting use a well draining houseplant compost mix with pearlite and grit added to increase drainage and prevent water logging. 

You can fertilise me once a month in summer with diluted houseplant feed but it's not completely necessary. 

As I'm a fast grower you may want to prune me back once a year. Be sure to use clean sharp scissors and cut back to above the last plant node/stem joint. 


Facts about me

In Chinese Feng Shui tradition the leaves of this plant represent five fingers of a hand that captures good fortune and happiness. The twisted stems store the treasure. 

The name 'Pachira Aquatica' comes from an old Guyanese Indian language and roughly means ‘sweet water nut’. In the wild these trees can grow up to 20m in height. Don't worry this won't happen in a household as the pot size will constrain it's growth rate.