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  • Peperomia Prostrata
  • Peperomia Prostrata
  • Peperomia Prostrata
  • Peperomia Prostrata

Peperomia Prostrata

Bright Light Easy Care Pet / Child Friendly Trailing


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Plant Care

I'm also known as a string of turtles. Take a close look at my succulent like patterned leaves and your'll figure out why. I'm an epiphyte, usually growing on other trees or fallen logs.  


Botanical name - peperomia prostrata 

Origin - Ecuadorian jungles


Bright indirect Light

Ideal conditions for me would be a bright indirect spot where sunlight can penetrate to my soil. Try and avoid the high shelves where my soil will be in constant shade. A north or east facing window where I get a decent amount of morning sun would be perfect!  


Infrequent watering

Keep me on the dry side and allow my soil to completely dry in between waters. Picking me up can be a good indication of how much moisture is left in my soil. In winter reduce my watering down to an absolute minimum. 

Please water me bottom up by popping me in a bowl or the sink. My foliage is dense and so top down watering could result in some of the top leaves collecting water and rotting. 


Care Tips

Over watering signs include yellowing or shrivelling leaves and mushy foliage. 

Under-watering signs can be slow or stunted growth, leaves become less turgid. 

You can prune me easily by cutting off my spindly tendrils just like you would your own hair. These if long enough can be planted directly in soil, best time to do this is spring, and I will root creating a mini clone of myself.