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  • Peperomia Scandens 'variegated'
  • Peperomia Scandens 'variegated'
  • Peperomia Scandens 'variegated'

Peperomia Scandens 'variegated'

Easy Care Likes Humidity Trailing


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Plant Care

I am a rare vining peperomia with gorgeous light variegation on heart shaped leaves. I'm also known as the 'cupid peperomia'.


Botanical name - peperomia scandens 'variegated'

Origin - South America


Bright Indirect Light

I thrive in areas of bright indirect light. But please keep me away from harsh direct sunlight as this will scorch my leaves. If you put me in a darker spot I will be more prone to root rot and overwatering problems.


Infrequent Watering

Allow the top third of the soil to dry out completely between waterings. Why not pop your finger in to check the moisture level. If you've put me in a darker spot allow half of my soil to dry out between waterings to prevent root rot occurring. 


Care Tips

Root rot is the most common problem. If you suspect this, you may see yellowing leaves, then it could be that my soil is waterlogged. Why not carefully take me out of my pot and inspect the roots. If they are yellow tinged and looking good then I'm doing well. If you find they are brown and mushy we have a problem. 

Fun Facts

I can trail or climb. You can use sticky picture hooks to promote longer vines and make a wall feature of me. Why not give it a go. Or instead pop a stake in and train me up it.