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Philodendron Narrow

Air Purifying Easy Care Shade Tolerant


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Note: Plants only available for collection in Bristol

Plant Care

I'm a hardy, fast growing plant great for injecting a tropical jungle into your home. Perfect for bring to life to a shadier corner of your house. But please give me enough height and width around me to let me grow to my potential. Great for beginners!


Botanical name - Philodendron stenolobum
Origin - South American rainforests

Shade tolerant

I'm happy in a shadier spot away from the window. Not too dark though hey! Bright indirect light is best. So if you have a empty corner and want to make a statement then I'm your guy. Tropical rainforest environment here we come! Be careful not to put me in harsh direct midday sunlight as I am prone to scorched leaves and it can take me a long time to recover from this.


Regular watering

I prefer little and often when it comes to watering, keeping my soil fairly moist throughout spring and autumn. You can reduce the watering frequency in winter when I'm dormant allowing the top layers of soil to dry out between waterings. 


Care Tips

I'm not a very needy plant and can tolerate average household humidity. Please just dust off my leaves once in a while to clear my pores. 

If you notice a lot of my leaves yellowing then this can mean I am being overwatered or that I am getting too much light. If my stems are limp and leggy then I'm telling you to move me closer to natural light.