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Pickle Plant

Bright Light Easy Care


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Plant Care

I have these cute fuzzy succulent leaves which look like little gherkins - which is where I got my name the 'pickle plant'. 

Botanical name - Delosperma echinatum
Origin - Eastern Cape of South Africa

Bright Light

As a hardy succulent I love the sun and a bright sunny spot on a windowsill or in a conservatory would be perfect for me. Don't worry about shielding me from any harsh direct rays I absolutely love the sun so just pop me by a window and I'll be great!  


Infrequent Watering

Think on the drier side of life ! Let me dry out completely so that when you lift me up I'm nice and light with no moisture in the soil at all before watering. Why not pop me in a sink for an hour to let me soak up what I need then put me back in my normal place. Whatever you do don't leave me sitting in water for days at a time as I will go mushy and rot. 

Care Tips

This plant would benefit from a diluted houseplant feed once a month in the spring summer months.  

In the hotter summer months and in the right conditions these plants produce tiny yellow and white flowers. But don't be disappointed if yours doesn't flower it's fairly rare as houseplants.