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  • Sansevieria Zeylancia
  • Sansevieria Zeylancia
  • Plant - Sansevieria Zeylancia
  • Plant - Sansevieria Zeylancia

Sansevieria Zeylancia

Air Purifying Bright Light Easy Care Shade Tolerant


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Plant Care

Botanical name - sansevieria zeylancia

Origin - Primarily Africa but now found in China, Brazil and Russia


Tolerant of most light conditions

I grow best in bright indirect light but will tolerate lower light and shadier spots, everything but complete darkness. Being in lower light will just reduce my speed of growth but won't kill me or make me ill. 


Light watering

I thrive on neglect and love to be kept dry. Please let me dry out completely between waterings I prefer to be too dry than too wet as I'm prone to root rot. When watering water thoroughly to get down to my roots but don't let me sit in a puddle of water. 

Care Tips

Why not give my leaves a quick wipe once in a while to remove any dust so that I can breathe easier. 


Fun facts

I am the perfect 'bedroom companion'. Living in hot dry climates I close my pores during the day. When the temperature drops at night I open my pores releasing all the oxygen I've produced into the air ready for you to breathe in.