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Air Purifying Easy Care


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Plant Care

Botanical name - Schefflera 

Origin - Taiwan

Sometimes you might see me called a Parasol Plant. I have green, glossy palm-like leaves, with irregular gold, yellow and pale green splash variegation. I am fast growing, but can be pruned into shape. This means I can fit in so many different locations in your house from a side table to a statement floor piece. 


Bright Indirect Light

I thrive in areas of bright indirect light. But please keep me away from harsh direct sunlight as this will scorch my leaves. If you put me in a darker spot I will be more prone to root rot and overwatering problems. If I get insufficient light I may get leggy as I search for more sunlight. 


Regular Watering

Allow the top third of the soil to dry out between waterings. Why not pop your finger in to check the moisture level. In the summer be sure to give me full long drinks so that water reaches my roots and comes out the bottom of the pot. Then wait for the top layer of soil to dry again before re-watering. 


Care Tips

You can fertilise me in the spring and summer growing season with diluted houseplant feed but it is not essential. 

As I'm a fast grower you may want to prune me back once a year. Be sure to use clean sharp scissors and cut back to above the last plant node/stem joint.