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  • Senecio Stapliiformis
  • Senecio Stapliiformis
  • Senecio Stapliiformis

Senecio Stapliiformis

Bright Light Easy Care Pet / Child Friendly


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Plant Care

Unusual but easy care sun lover. Sometimes known as a pickle plant. 

Botanical name - Senecio Stapliiformis

Origin -  South Africa

Bright Light

I would love a bright spot and at least 3 hours of direct sun a day. Ideally this would be in the early morning or late afternoon as midday sun might be too harsh for me. So a sunny morning windowsill would be just perfect. 


Infrequent watering

I'm super easy care and thrive on neglect! Please let my soil dry out in between waterings. The drench and drought method is the best for me. Bottom up watering is ideal leaving me to soak thoroughly then let my soil completely dry out before watering again.

During the colder winter months reduce watering considerably as I go into a dormant phase.


Care Tips

I'm a very slow grower so don't repot me into too big a pot - this can lead to soggy soil and root rot. 

Be careful not to feed too frequently as this can cause leggy growth. You probably would only need to do this once a year in the growing season. 

Being too far away from a sunny spot can also cause leggy and uneven growth.