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  • ZZ Plant

ZZ Plant

Air Purifying Easy Care Shade Tolerant


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Note: Plants only available for collection in Bristol

Plant Care

Botanical name -Zamioculcas zamiifolia
Origin - Kenya, East Africa


Shade tolerant

I'm happy in a bright indirect spot away from the window. So if you have a empty corner and want to make a statement then I'm your guy. Don't give me more than 3 hours of direct sunlight a day as I'm prone to scorched leaves and it can take me a long time to recover from this.


Infrequent watering

I'm a succulent so please leave me to dry out between waterings - think 'drenches between droughts'. Be careful when you water to not let it settle and get trapped in spaces at the base of my stem which could lead to rot. If in doubt keep my on the drier side of life. 


Low Humidity

Happy in low humidity environments so no need to get that spray bottle out. But I do love a good wiping every so often to keep the dust off my leaves so that I can breathe easily. 


Care Tips

If my leaves are browning on the edges then I may need more of a drink or in a place with very dry air or I've been burnt in the sun.