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Twig's Top 5 Easy Care Houseplants

Sarah Cheetham

Posted on November 28 2020

Twig's Top 5 Easy Care Houseplants

Thinking of getting someone a plant gift but not sure how green fingered they are?

Not to worry, here's my top five easy care house plants guaranteed to pop a smile on someones face this Christmas.


Snake Plant (Sanservieria) - Stunning and sturdy


These guys are perfect for the busy person. Originating from hot and dry Western Africa they require minimal care preferring to be on the dry side of life. Pop them in a room with natural light and they will be happy. And if thats not enough they are a brilliant air purifier, releasing oxygen in the evening and at night making them the perfect bedroom companion. 

Here's a few different varieties. Click for availability and more detailed care tips:


Pothos and Philadendron Scandens - Trailing beauties



These trailing plants are a personal favourite of mine. They are quick growing and produce gorgeous, flowing, leafy vines. You can train them to climb or trail depending on what you'd prefer. These plants are very forgiving, ideally preferring bright indirect light but tolerant of lower light conditions. So, what do you think? Ready to create a jungle vine wonderland?

Click on the links below for more plant care details and tips:


Chinese Money Plant (Pilea Peperomioides) - Fun and Friendly

You can't help but smile at these round radial leaves. These fun, fast growing plants are brilliant for all plant lovers. What makes them so special is the mini 'pups' or baby plants they push up from the soil at the base of the mother plant. These can then be carefully detached, potted up, and given to a friend or loved one as a little cheery gift. It really is the plant that keeps on giving! I also think they look a bit like an alien plant from another planet.


Pebble plant (Pachyphytum oviferum) - The Sun baby


Have you got a sun spot in your house which gets at least 4-6 hours of direct light a day? Maybe a sunny windowsill or spot on your office desk? These guys are perfect for that spot, they are suckers for the sun and need a bright sun to thrive. But apart from that just sit back and enjoy. The chunky pebble like leaves store their moisture allowing them to survive long periods of drought, perfect for the busy person. 

Look but don't touch. The fine hairs on the leaves of this plant create that misty blue haze look. If you touch it they easily rub off and don't tend to grow back very quickly or at all. Somethign to keep in mind. 

Fancy a closer look:


Fishbone Cactus (Epiphyllum Anguliger) - Funky and Edgy


Well I mean have you ever seen anything like these guys before? The leaves are just amazing and of course are where this beauty gets it's 'fishbone' name from. 

Originating from the rainforest rather than a desert these cactus can tolerate slightly lower light levels (not needing as much direct sunlight) but still require a bright spot. Don't be afraid of there crazy appearance these plants are easy to look after and if cared for will thrive. 

For all the care tips and info take a look at the link below:


Enjoying the forest cactus feel? Well here are a few more species that are available:


What you waiting for, go on, gift something that grows this year :-)

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