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  • Oxalis Triangularis
  • Oxalis Triangularis
  • Oxalis Triangularis
  • Oxalis Triangularis

Oxalis Triangularis

Easy Care Pet / Child Friendly


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Plant Care

A gorgeous delicate flowering plant. I follow the light during the day and close my leaves up at night.  In the spring and summer months I produce tiny white or pink flowers. 

Botanical name - oxalis triangularis

Origin - South America


Bright indirect light

Pop me in a bright indirect spot with either morning or evening sun all year round and I will be very happy. If you're looking for even growth then under a skylight or anywhere giving overhead natural light would benefit greatly. 

Don't put me in a dark room otherwise I will grow elongated stems searching for the light and also may well quickly develop root rot.

Rotate me regularly as you will notice I lean and face the light. 


Regular watering

Throughout the growing season water me thoroughly allowing the top two inches of soil to dry out between waterings to prevent root rot. After I've had my growth spurts and am settling down for winter hold back on the watering while I rest remembering to allow the stop third of the soil to dry out. 


Care Tips

During the winter months when heaters are on please mist me regularly or keep the humidity high as dry heat will weaken my delicate leaves. I'm ok to fend for myself in the summer months so no need to mist me then. 

Every couple of years in December you can think about giving me a big hair cut. It's my dormancy period and pruning me right back to the soil level. This gives me a chance to regain energy in my tubers and lead to fresh strong new growth the following spring. This is also a good way of eliminating bugs that maybe lurking on my leaves from Autumn. 

At this time you can also separate the tubers and divide me up to make baby oxalis plants ready to sprout next spring. 


Fun facts

I fold my leaves up at night to go to bed and reopen them again bright and early when the sunrises. 

I produce lots of tiny white or pink flowers in spring and summer. Super cute!