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  • Marimo Moss Ball in Glass Vase
  • Marimo Moss Ball in Glass Vase

Marimo Moss Ball in Glass Vase

Easy Care


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Plant Care

These fuzzy little fellas are actually algae not moss as the name eludes to. Originating in Japan you can find these guys forming at the bottom of lakes. 


Botanical name - Cladophora aegagropila

Origin - Iceland and Northern Japan

Bright Indirect Light

As I would normally be at a lake bottom don't put me in any harsh direct light - this could stunt my growth and case me harm. I do however like a bright spot so that I can photosynthesise. 

Change my Water weekly

I recommend changing the water in the vase partially once a week. This means carefully tipping out 25% of the water from my vase and replacing it. If you are using tap water please either filter it first or use purification tablets like you would in a fish tank. You could also use rainwater or bottled filtered water if it's available to you. 


Clean me

If I'm in a container with other plants or fish then you might want to do this every fortnight. But if I'm on my own you could do it once a month. Clean me by taking me out and carefully squishing me a little in clean water. Be careful as to not break me apart. If this happens follow the section below. 

Keeping my spherical shape

In the wild at the bottom of the lake in Japan water currents create and help to maintain my spherical shape. If I break apart for any reason then you can gently roll me around in your hands to reform the shape allowing the algae strands to reform. 

Keep my water cold please

If I'm in a sunny spot or near a radiator do be careful. I originate in areas whether the water is cold and do not like to heat up any higher than 22 degrees.