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  • Plant - Ponytail Palm
  • Plant - Ponytail Palm
  • Plant - Ponytail Palm
  • Plant - Ponytail Palm

Ponytail Palm

Bright Light Easy Care Pet / Child Friendly


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Note: Plants only available for collection in Bristol

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Plant Care

Botanical name - Beaucarnea Recurvata

Origin - Deserts of Eastern Mexico

Bright Light

I'm a sun baby and love to get as many hours of sun as I can. Ideally bright indirect sun from a south facing window would be perfect. 


Infrequent watering

I thrive on neglect! Please let my soil dry out completely in between waterings. Water me thoroughly until the water comes out from the bottom of the pot but please don't leave me to sit in a puddle. During the colder winter months reduce watering drastically as I go into a dormant phase.


Care Tips

When repotting only do it if absolutely necessary. I can usually stay in the same pot for 2 years before you need to move me to a bigger size. 


Fun facts

In the wild I have been known to grow to 30 feet high!! Don't worry kept in a house over a few years I will usually stop at around 4 feet.

Despite my name I'm not a true palm and I'm actually related to desert plants like Agave and Yucca.