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Air Purifying Bright Light Easy Care Likes Humidity


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Plant Care

I'm an epiphytic plant that can live without any soil. I do however still need water, good air circulation and nutrients (mist form) to live a happy and healthy life in your home. 


Botanical name - Tillandsia

Origin - South America


Bright Indirect Light

I grow in tree crevices under the rainforest canopy in the wild so nothing super bright please. Not many of my family can tolerate bright direct light as it might be too harsh. Ideally pop me in a bright spot just a couple of meters away from a window or in a north facing window which gets minimal direct light. Morning and evening rays aren't a problem just avoid the bright midday and early afternoon sun. 


Regular watering and misting

Although I don't need soil to survive I do still need water, air and nutrients. lightly mist me regularly throughout the year (every other day). Once a week you can pop me to soak in a bowl of rain or distilled water for 15-20mins. Be sure to do this in the morning so I have the rest of the day to dry off. Get me out of the water and gently shake off any water sitting in between my leaves and pop me on a tea towel to completely dry off. Then I'm ready to be put back in my place. 

Never leave me sitting in water for a long time as I am prone to root rot if I stay soggy. 

If my leaves are curling more than usual or brown and crispy at the tips it's time for a good water. 



I normally would get nutrients from my host plant in the wild so in your home you will have to feed me. Spray me with diluted airplant, bromeliad, or orchid specific fertiliser once a month. Be sure to not use another fertiliser as I can be sensitive and it might cause me harm.