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  • Tradescantia nanouk
  • Tradescantia nanouk
  • Tradescantia nanouk

Tradescantia nanouk

Air Purifying Bright Light Easy Care Trailing


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Plant Care

Botanical name - Tradescantia albiflora nanouk

Origin - Mexico, Guatamala and Belize


Bright Light

I like to be in a nice bright spot but away from the sun's direct harsh rays. So try to avoid South-facing windows. In winter I will benefit from a few hours of direct sunlight to keep me happy and healthy. 

If I'm put in too low light levels then my fantastic stripy leaves will fade, and we don't want that do we! 

I'm not that much of a big drinker

Be sure to allow the top couple of inches of my soil to dry out between waterings - why not poke your finger in to check. But please don't leave me to dry out for too long as I don't like droughts. Water me until you see it coming out of the bottom of my pot but don't leave me sitting in a puddle. 

High Humidity

I love humidity so a kitchen or bathroom would be a great spot for me. Keep my leaves moist and I'll be happy. Grouping plants together so I can be near my friends will also increase humidity. Why not give me a shower once in a while to wash the leaves and give me a good drink.  Feel free to mist me regularly too. 

Care Tips

Try and water me and your other plants in the morning. This allows my soil to be mostly dry overnight and prevents the risk of root rot. 

In winter I will go into a state of dormancy so you may need to adjust your watering schedule to water less frequently.  

Pinching back my branches and leaves can let me branch and bulk out. It's easy just pinch me with your finger nail at one of my joints or the new growth at the end of my stems. Don't worry it won't hurt! I will grow stronger and healthier because of it too :-)